Mark McDaniel
BS, Athens State College
JD, Birmingham School of Law, Class of 1976
Huntsville, AL

Class of 1976

My wife, Henri, and I met with Dean Hugh Locke, Jr., in early January, 1973. We told him we had just gotten married, had jobs at Athens College, and would have to commute from Huntsville to Birmingham to obtain our law degrees. We were both twenty-one years old and broke but wanted to be lawyers.

We drove from Huntsville to Birmingham five nights a week (except summers) for four years. Upon graduation, we took the Alabama Bar Exam and both passed the first time.

What BSL offered Henri and me was an opportunity to work and attend law school.

We were taught by practicing lawyers and judges and received such a practical legal education that we were able to build on that invaluable knowledge.

My son, Ben McDaniel, graduated from Faulkner University, Summa Cum Laude. He applied to only one law school, Birmingham School of Law. Other members of our family have graduated from BSL: John William McDaniel (brother), Marcus Helstowski (son-in-law), John Butler, Jr. (Henri’s brother), J. Thomas Conwell (brother-in-law) and Emory McDaniel (cousin). As a teacher at Faulker and University of Alabama-Huntsville, I do not hesitate to recommend Birmingham School of Law to any of my students who want to go to law school.

I consider it a great privilege and honor to be an alumnus of a great and respected law school – Birmingham School of Law.

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