Dave Lewis
BIS, Georgia State University
BSL Class of 2014
Pelham, Alabama
Class of 2014

I was supposed to go to law school in the early 90′s when I graduated from college. However, I knew at that time I was not “mentally tough” enough to succeed and to graduate. Instead I went into radio and then into real estate.

The years passed quickly and real estate went well enough to allow me to revisit the old thought of attending law school. I discussed this with my wife but worried about the fact that I would not even graduate until I was 45 years old. To which my wife replied that I would be 45 years old at that time whether I went to law school or not.

I enrolled at BSL in Fall 2010. It was the perfect choice for me. It allowed me to continue to practice real estate while attending night school. As an added incentive, I learned that the Professors were all practicing attorneys with current real world knowledge making education at BSL even more valuable.

I excelled in my real estate classes. I obtained a job in the training program of a major Real Estate Closing/Title company. I feel like I am “graduating” to the next level of real estate and I have BSL to thank for it.

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