Jarrid Coaxum
BS, Computer Science Shaw University, Raleigh, NC
JD, Birmingham School of Law, Class of 2014
Mobile, Alabama
Class of 2014

My will to help other people began at a very young age. Back then, I simply wanted to help the less fortunate in situations that seemed to be overwhelming. As the time went by, that will to help others developed into a more structured plan as to how I would make a living doing it. That’s when the idea of lawschool and my thirst for legal education began.

I kept reading about students that would finish law school and have over $100,000 in debt! Then I discovered Birmingham School of Law. It was the most feasible option for me to continue to work full time and it was a perfect financial fit.

I’ve had my growing pains with working and attending school at night but once I found my niche, it became second nature. Because of the opportunity that BSOL has given me, I am able to provide quality legal services to the less fortunate after graduation. BSOL has changed my life in a major way and it is the perfect home for working law students, young or old.

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