BSL: Quality Legal Education Since 1915

J D Walker - linked_edited

J.D. Walker
BSL Class of 2012

Since 1915, Birmingham School of Law has relied on practicing attorneys rather than tenured professors to educate the future lawyers of Alabama. The lawyers, who are experts in their respective fields, practice on a day-to-day basis. They appear in court, file briefs, and work with clients on a daily basis. Many of our professors are also licensed in other surrounding states.

“After I earned my MBA, I became interested in pursuing law. My mother is an attorney, practicing in Texas. The two most important factors that helped me choose BSL were the affordable cost and the fact that classes are taught by practicing lawyers and judges,” explained J.D. Walker, BSL Class of 2012.

Professor Jimmy Crocker BSL Class of 2002

Professor Jimmy Crocker
BSL Class of 2002

“The teachers here practice law or work in their area of expertise every day. These professors can help you in the work world. There is so much knowledge from these professors that students can absorb. Those students who make the effort, those are the students I will go to bat for. I have two students who I referred to a local bank who is now working there in the trust department,” said Jimmy Crocker, BSL Class of 2002. Professor Crocker is Senior Vice President/Director of Trust for IBERIA Wealth Advisors.

Jackie Wesson

Professor Jackie Wesson
BSL Class of 2004

“In leaving nursing to become an attorney, there were no second thoughts. There were stresses associated with being a student, with competing demands on time. Our students face lots of demands and they must meet those. Despite the stresses, succeeding at earning a Juris Doctor is such an invigorating process that has its own rewards,” explained Professor Jacquelyn Wesson, BSL Class of 2004, Partner, Wesson & Wesson.

“We teach a good foundation in the theory of law with the added benefit of applying it. On day one, after passing the bar, our graduates are ready to go practice law as my husband was and I was too,” said Professor Wesson.

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