Meet Your New Professor…

Sarah Hoffmann – Legal Research and Writing



Attorney Sarah Hoffmann loves to write, so it is fitting that she will be one of the professors teaching Legal Research &Writing on Wednesdays at Birmingham School of Law. “I love writing and spent several years as a writing consultant while I was in law school,” she says. “I have always had an academic inclination, and I am excited to teach a subject that I love to students who are eager to learn.”


A 2012 law school graduate from Vanderbilt University, Hoffmann practices law at Butler Snow LLP where she specializes in tax law. Many of her clients are foundations, hospitals, and universities, but she also has represented a large animal shelter, a retirement community, several churches, and an aquarium.


“Most of my practice is split between corporate ‘families’ of nonprofit and for-profit entities. On the benefit side, I spend a great deal of time drafting and negotiating employment agreements and retirement plans. I also help with benefits compliance when corrective actions need to be taken with the Internal Revenue Service,” she says.


Hoffmann says she went back to school in 2016 after practicing law for a few years to complete her LL.M. in tax. “Like most of the students at BSL, I earned my LL.M. at night while working full time. I sympathize!”


Hoffmann is heavily involved with the Alabama Symphony’s (ASO) junior patrons and has served as its treasurer for the past three years. Her husband founded the junior patrons group to encourage the next generation to take an interest in the ASO. “I also spend a lot of time doing pro bono legal work for nonprofits and smaller charities that cannot afford to pay legal fees,” she says.


Hoffmann enjoys music, art and travel. An accomplished flutist, she also learned to fiddle while she was in law school in Nashville. Her husband, also an attorney, is a clarinetist and moonlights as a classical composer. Hoffmann and her husband have an 8-month-old baby, who is close to walking. “I spend most of my spare time watching him grow and chasing him!” she says.