I am delighted to greet the hundreds of graduates of the Birmingham School of Law. In 1915, Hugh Locke created a school to allow persons who were successful in other endeavors to pursue their dream of becoming a lawyer. This allowed many to bring those same talents and skills over to the legal profession when they would not have been able to do so. Some expanded their knowledge of the legal profession and used this knowledge in various vocations. Many other graduates have gone on to become great attorneys and judges throughout the land.

I shared that same dream. After completing my undergraduate degree, I had a desire to go to law school, but the desire to be married and start a family were tugging at me more. After managing a family business and sending three children to college, I realized the desire was still there. Thank God for Birmingham School of Law! I was able to work, go to school and graduate from school debt free.

Just as I have a story, there are so many other great stories that attest to the benefits of attending our great school. Please join me and the many other graduates who have already come on board in establishing our alumni association. Our hope is that this founding chapter will multiply to begin other chapters throughout the United States. This will allow for networking opportunities as well as demonstrate to the world that Birmingham School of Law is worth recognition.

-LaBrenda Norman
Past Alumni President

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