BSL Offers An Affordable Legal Education

Judge Locke Donaldson BSL Class of 2000

Judge Locke Donaldson
BSL Class of 2000

Birmingham School of Law remains committed to providing an affordable legal education. “When my grandfather Judge Hugh Allen Locke founded the law school, he intentionally wanted to make a law degree as accessible as possible. Today, our students are not graduating with massive student loans that have to be paid off over a 10 to a 30-year term. That is a huge plus. Providing the most manageable tuition and student fees possible as well as a more manageable class schedule for the working adult, this is very important to honoring the legacy of Judge Locke and is a viewpoint our board maintains today,” said Judge Locke Donaldson, Board Member, Birmingham School of Law and Special Circuit Court Judge and Senior Trial Referee at Jefferson County Family Court.

The tuition and student fee expenses for the spring 2018 term are approximate $2,467 for weeknight classes and $2,890 for the Saturday class program (books, transportation, and living expenses are not included).


Jarrid Coaxum_edited

Jarrid Coaxum
BSL Class of 2014

“I kept reading about students that would finish law school and have over $100,000 in debt. Then I discovered Birmingham School of Law. It was the most feasible option for me to continue to work full time and it was a perfect financial fit,” said Jarrid Coaxum, BSL Class of 2014.

BSL students are required to attend classes year round including summer semesters. The annual cost of tuition and fees for a three-semester academic year is approximately $7,400 for weeknight classes and $8,600 for Saturday classes. The total cost to graduation at Birmingham School of Law is approximate $25,000 – $29,500. “When I retired from the military and decided to pursue a career in the legal field, I decided to attend Birmingham School of Law because I was able to afford Birmingham School of Law on my income without having to take student loans,” said Gordon Warren, Professor, Birmingham School of Law.


Gordon Warren
BSL Class of 1997

“I left law school owing no money. This was very important to me. Immediately after graduation and passing the bar, I was able to be a solo practitioner in criminal defense, bankruptcy, and family law,” explained Warren.

Education expenses compare favorably with American Bar Association (ABA) accredited Alabama law schools. Tuition-only expenses at ABA Alabama law schools range from $23,000 to $38,000 per year. For their entire program, the total cost to graduation is approximately $69,000 to $114,000 (tuition only, student fees, books and living expenses are not included). This is based on 2017-2018 rates.


*Tuition and fee expenses are subject to change.

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