Birmingham School of Law is a four-year law school offering classes on weeknights and Saturdays. Students who satisfactorily complete course work and are in good standing with the school receive the Dean’s Certificate, which allows them to sit for the Alabama Bar Examination.

Upon passing the bar exam and meeting all other Alabama State Bar (ASB) admission requirements, BSL graduates are admitted to the ASB and are approved to practice law in the State of Alabama.

Currently, BSL is not accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). Please refer to the bar admission policies of other states pertaining to non-ABA graduates if you plan to practice law in a state other than Alabama.

Birmingham School of Law has not sought nor presently expects to obtain accreditation from the American Bar Association. Our graduates are eligible to sit for the Alabama State Bar Exam and may be able to sit for bar exams in other states based upon reciprocity rules. Please see a list of jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction bar requirements here.