Recent Grad Shares His Experience


The overriding goal and purpose (calling) in my life was achieved in December 2014, when I obtained my Juris Doctorate.

In the early years my father, who served as a county clerk, encouraged me to pursue an education in law.  My brother and uncle were attorneys so I became interested in how the law applied to maintaining social order and resolving disputes between people.

After my father passed, I suspended my undergraduate studies because of limited resources and family obligations and joined the military. As an intelligence officer I optimized my talents. The work was rewarding and my assignments challenging because of the domestic and international application.  After active duty and federal service, I continued to serve in the Army Reserves and later the Alabama State Defense Force.  The highest rank I held was major.

Because of the benefits of my military service, I completed my bachelor’s in justice studies and masters in security management.  I applied my scholastic accomplishments to work involving safety and security, business, insurance, and advocacy.  The work was gratifying but not my passion.

Finally, I decided to answer what I believed to be the calling in my life; an education in law.  Before moving forward, I had to determine the probability for success considering my age, military service disabilities, and the fact I was in the third quarter of life.

My approach was to confirm the calling as authentic by applying the biblical principle: if you ask it will be given unto you, if you seek you will find, and if you knock the door will be opened unto you.  I found the door of opportunity open at the Birmingham School of Law; a perfect fit start to finish.

The law school was Department of Veteran Affairs approved, affordable, offered a quality legal education, the professors were attorneys and judges, the facilities modern, and the classes balanced between weeknight and a Saturday program.  This program helped me manage and overcome the challenges and obstacles I faced throughout law school.

I was challenged with balancing workplace requirements, tending to the needs of two terminally ill elderly family members (back- to- back), managing my own health, navigating the weekly commute from Huntsville to Birmingham, and making time to study.

Through each challenge, I remained committed to achieving my goal, capturing my passion, and reaching self-actualization. Prayer was instrumental, the sacrifices made by my wife and family uplifting, and the guidance and encouragement of the team of professionals at the Birmingham School of Law key to my success.