Shelby County Law Enforcement Personnel Board

Shelby County Law Enforcement Personnel Board

  1. P. O. Box 1006/108 W. College Street, Room 102

Columbiana, AL 35051-1006

phone: (205) 670-6121, 8-4:30 Mon.-Fri.; fax: (205) 669-3860


April, 2018


Dear Applicants:

Thank you for applying in the past to take exams under the Shelby County Law Enforcement Personnel Board for positions with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. We wish to inform you of our changes. You may currently have a paper application on file with us, but as of March, 2018, paper applications will no longer be used nor accepted.

Please save and print this letter, and your application pages with the most writing on them if they are also attached to this email. If they are not attached and your application is still on file with us, call or email to have them scanned to you. Our IT department asked the county employees to delete unnecessary emails with large attachments, so you will be responsible for keeping these for your records. Paper applications are shredded after three years. A printed paper application can help you complete our new online application – basically the same questions in a different format.

The Sheriff’s Office’s website,, now directs you to the Board’s website,, to apply. Please read carefully the Welcome to the SCLEPB Job Opportunities pages. Be sure to understand and follow the instructions. Click on the link to apply. Select a listed job title of those currently available, and click on Apply. Complete the online application, attach any files and/or scanned documents you wish (such as a résumé, etc.), Review your application, then Certify and Submit it.

The deadline to apply is the last Friday in the month before a testing month. Exams are held for Deputy Sheriff and Corrections Officer in February, May, August, and November. Admin/Clerical/Support Services exams are held at the Sheriff’s request.

The Board’s secretary is a Notary Public and will notarize blanks of the Applicant Statement and Authorization to Release Information form as applicants arrive for the tests; the Background Investigation Authorization is also required and will be available.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Contact this office with any questions.



Lucy Womac

Lucy Womac, Secretary to the Board