Part-time Clerk

·         Job Title – Part-time Clerk (20-25 Hours/Week)

·         Description – Clerk will be responsible for typing/drafting and mailing out the necessary legal documents (Medical Authorizations, Notices of Discovery, Notices of Intent, Rule 45 Subpoenas) to obtain medical, employment and various other types of records on behalf of our personal injury clients.  Once those records arrive in the office, the clerk will be responsible to processing them – ensuring they are saved appropriately, distributing the hard copies to the appropriate attorney in the office, paying associated invoices, and on occasion summarizing the records for the attorney.  Other common duties will include drafting paper discovery to serve on the opposing party, and assisting in drafting our clients’ responses to paper discovery.  Less frequently, clerk will be responsible assisting in drafting various pleadings and conducting legal research.

·         Contact – Interested students should contact Drew McNutt at