Joshua Paul Jones, Attorney at Law, LCC is seeking a highly motivated, punctual and qualified 2L/3L as an intern with the firm. Mr. Jones specializes in all aspects of criminal law and family law specifically related to divorce, child custody, child support and modification. Mr. Jones is seeking specifically someone interested in either or both of these types of law. A qualified candidate would be required to attend various court hearing, prepare for motions and trial as well as draft criminal or civil appeal briefs. The candidate would need valid transportation, access to a printer, email and Westlaw or another legal research tool. Mr. Jones is in court several days a week litigating criminal defense matters and/or divorce and child custody issues. This internship is UNPAID. Although unpaid, the intern will gain valuable in-court experience as well as law practice management. Approximately 5-10 hours a week is typical. Applicants are encouraged to visit the firm’s website for a better understanding of the firm and Mr. Jones. Interviews will be conducted towards the end of February or early March. Please submit a resume to Mr. Jones, a cover letter is not required. A third year practice card is helpful but not necessary. In no event will the internship last more than one (1) calendar year.

Please send resumes to Joshua Paul Jones (205-970-6009) to