Hearings Unit Intern\Extern Program


                                                                                                             BIRMINGHAM DISTRICT OFFICE                                            

Ridge Park Place, Suite 2000

1130 – 22nd Street, South

Birmingham, AL 35205-2870

Hearings Unit Intern\Extern Program

                 The Hearings Unit of the Birmingham District Office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) adjudicates complaints of discrimination filed by job applicants and federal government employees who believe a federal agency has discriminated against them based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information, or because they complained about discrimination in employment.

Once a “Complainant” requests a hearing with EEOC, the complaint is assigned to an EEOC Administrative Judge.  Administrative Judges manage a large docket of federal sector discrimination complaints by resolving discovery disputes and other procedural issues, deciding procedural and substantive motions, conducting pre-hearing conferences and evidentiary hearings, issuing verbal and written orders and decisions, and facilitating settlement.

The Hearings Unit Intern/Extern Program is active during the school year, and summer  months. Law students can expect to conduct research, draft memoranda, orders, and decisions, assist in settlement, and participate in the conduct of conferences, and evidentiary hearings.  They also participate in internal training and developmental activities. The primary goal of the program is the development of students who are interested in gaining federal agency experience, clerking for an administrative judge, drafting memoranda, orders, and decisions, and/or practicing in the areas of federal EEO law, and/or administrative litigation.

Interested students may forward their resumes to julie.bean@eeoc.gov.  For additional information about EEOC internships/externships, and the federal complaint and hearing process, visit the EEOC website at www.eeoc.gov.