Convenience for the Working Adult

Banner - ConvenienceFor the working adult, Birmingham School of Law has structured its educational program to fit the schedules of working individuals with family and other commitments. The weeknight program holds classes Monday-Friday from 6:00 – 8:45 pm and the Saturday program provides three classes, in three separate periods, on Saturday.

Paula Pringle Stokes BSL Class of 2006

Paula Pringle Stokes
BSL Class of 2006

“Even after obtaining a Master’s Degree, I did not feel professionally complete. Yet, there was no way I could end my career to attend a law program. Birmingham School of Law provided the opportunity for me to pursue a Juris Doctor in Law while continuing to excel in my career. What more could an employer want than an attorney who is disciplined enough to maintain a full-time career while also attending law school?” said Paula Pringle Stokes, BSL Class of 2006.

Especially for out-of-town students, BSL offers a Saturday program providing three classes a day. Students from across Alabama and a number of nearby states attend this program.

Jeremy Cobb BSL Class of 2012

Jeremy Cobb
BSL Class of 2012

“I always wanted to attend law school. With a daughter on the way and a family decision that my wife would end her career to stay home with our children, we decided we would take another leap of faith to pursue law school. A letter in the mail a few weeks later announcing the beginning of a Saturday program at Birmingham School of Law sealed the deal for us,” said Jeremy Cobb, Montgomery resident and BSL Class of 2013.

If you are an out-of-state student, please contact Dean Bushnell ( or Dean Warren ( prior to registering to make sure you understand our non-accreditation status and the impact that may have on your ability to practice law in a state other than Alabama.

“At Birmingham School of Law, you can still work as a law student, which is different from what many other law schools allow. You can have a job and get experience in life and earn income while also earning a legal education. BSL was founded to provide an opportunity for people already in the workforce to study for a profession in law,” said Judge Locke Donaldson, BSL board member.

alice-lee headshot

Alice Lee
BSL Class of 1943

“Also, we have a history of making the school open to any prospective law student. My understanding is that we were the first law school in the state to admit women. One of our first bar-admitted graduates is Alice Lee, sister of Pulitzer Prize winning author Harper Lee and a partner at Bugg, Barnett & Lee in Monroeville. Mrs. Lee is a BSL Class of 1943 alum,” said Judge Donaldson.

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