Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees for the Fall 2017 term are:


¥ Tuition, Weeknight classes $689/course ($229.67/credit hour)

¥ Tuition, Saturday classes $830/course ($276.67/credit hour)

¥ Tuition, Lawyering Fundamentals Course $830/course ($415.00/credit hour)

¥ Tuition, Independent Study (IDS) courses $1,076/course ($358.67/credit hour) **


£ Fee, General Student Fee $200/semester

£ Fee, Technology Fee $50/semester

£ Fee, Late Registration Fee $200/registration period (if you miss the deadline)

£ Fee, Missed or Late Installment Payment $25 for the first occurrence, $35 for second and subsequent occurrences

£ Fee, Official Transcript $10 for 1st transcript, $5 each additional copy

£ Fee, Drop/Add Fee $25/course for changes made after the online registration period closes

** Please Note: The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will not pay or reimburse veterans for independent study courses. This is a VA policy and is not subject to waiver by BSL. If you are a VA student and wish to register for an IDS course you must pay the IDS course fee from your own funds.

Beginning January 8, 2018, the number of courses needed to earn a degree will decrease from 33 to 31 (plus Lawyering Fundamentals). Due to this change in curriculum requirements, the cost per class will increase $50. The total cost to obtain a BSL degree, however, will remain approximately the same. Thus, beginning with the Spring 2018 term, tuition will be:

Ω Tuition, Weeknight classes $739/course ($246.33/credit hour)

Ω Tuition, Saturday classes $880/course ($293.33/credit hour)

Ω Tuition, Lawyering Fundamentals Course $880/course ($440/credit hour)

Ω Tuition, Independent Study (IDS) courses $1,126/course ($375.33/credit hour)