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Alumni Spotlight: Pooja Chawla

A native of India, she graduated from the University of Delhi with a major in English in 1998 and also has a post-graduate diploma in the French language. She came to the United States in 2001 and began law school in 2005…

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Faculty Spotlight: John L. Bodie  

Bodie encourages his students to stay on top of course information. “They need to know enough information to pass the bar exam,” he says. “Study early and study frequently, because you can’t learn enough in the two months before the exam. I tell them if they stay up to date on class materials and cover the lessons each week, they should be in good shape.”…  Read More

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100 Years of Service

In 1915, Judge Hugh A. Locke had a vision for a non-traditional law school that would serve men and women who wanted to pursue a legal education but didn’t have either the time or money that a full-time law school required. His vision became a reality, and 100 years later Birmingham School of Law still serves students who otherwise could not pursue a career in law. Its long and storied history is a testament to Locke’s dream and to those who have continued to further its success.

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Reasons to Attend BSL

Affordability and Convenience
Your education at BSL will be approximately 1/3 to 1/5 of the tuition charged by ABA law schools in Alabama. Please see Three Reasons to Attend BSL to fully explain your tuition savings and BSL affordability. Birmingham School of Law has set up our educational program to fit into the busy schedules of the working individuals with family and other commitments.

Quality Legal Education in a State of the Art Facility
In addition to some of the finest attorneys and Judges practicing in Birmingham and the State of Alabama, BSL also boasts a new state-of-the-art three story building with features and facilities including; A fully functioning auditorium; dramatic courtroom; extensive legal library; user-friendly computer lab; and multimedia classrooms just to name a few.

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